Mike O'Neil and Peter Perfido Duo performance from Radio France 2010.


 The O'Neil-Perfido Duo is the result of over 25 years of musical collaborations in both Jazz and Improvised Music  . They also perform as a trio in a Rock & Blues setting.

  The influences of great Jazz artists such as Thelonious Monk , John Coltrane & Paul Motian are alive and well in the duo's repertoire as well as unique interpretations of some 60's rock classics by George Harrison , John Lennon , Jagger/Richards , etc.

  The great composer / bandleader / pianist Sun Ra once coined the phrase "Space is the place" .  This where our music lives and breathes . Melodic invention is a major priority along with a keen awareness of interaction and space. The guitar/loops and drums/ percussion interweave a continuum of sounds that pulse and breathe as every living being on the planet.

  Mike O'Neil - Guitar & Loops

  Peter Perfido - Drums & Percussion